Inland Freediving Courses – What Are The Benefits?

Inland freediving courses have been increasing in popularity (particularly in the UK), and with good reason. Gone are the days when inland freediving involved jumping into a murky quarry, void of any marine life with poor visibility and only the remnants of a rusty shopping trolley to explore!

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Inland freediving sites, such as Vobster are an attractive location to dive and attract scuba divers, freedivers, open water swimmers and paddleboarders alike. So what are the benefits of an inland freediving venue and how does this benefit students undertaking freediving courses?

Benefits of Inland Freediving Courses #1 – Safety

Safety, safety and safety! Embarking on a new sport, such as freediving comes with general risks such as tiredness, overexertion and muscle cramps through to more serious conditions such as  blackouts, hypoxia and other medical emergencies. Learning to freedive at an inland freediving venue provides students with a safe open water environment for learning, exploring and perfecting the skills needed to become a competent freediver. Instructors also have a greater ability to teach students in a calm environment. Safety facilities are right by the water and a student can get out of the water if they are tired or need to use a proper toilet (not their wetsuit!) whenever they want to.

Benefits of Inland Freediving Courses #2 – Convenience

Diving at an established, registered inland freediving venue usually means parking is convenient, there are amenities close to the water for changing before and after your dive, and you are close to the water from the get go – you don’t have to take a boat ride to a suitable dive point. You can just dive straight in!


So when you want to dive you can get in the water almost as soon as you arrive – and just as important, once you are done diving, you can just get out of the water and make your way home (telling your buddy, of course), without waiting for a boat to fill with everyone else on that dive with you. For our less confident swimmers this convenience gives them added reassurance that they are closer to the water’s edge – which can help with relaxation and perception of their own comfort zone.

For a new student, inland freediving does offer the ability to practice in a sheltered environment.  Psychologically it is nice to know there are plenty of experienced people around you and are within easy reach of dry land.  George

Benefits of Inland Freediving Courses #3 – Temperature

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As there are no wild currents or crashing waves, the water at an inland freediving venue is often warmer than a coastal freediving venue (based in the UK, of course!). This can make the difference between a comfortable dive and a miserable one!

Benefits of Inland Freediving Courses #4 – Visibility

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While the visibility on a coastal freediving course could be amazing, the varying weather conditions in the UK will often make this an unreliable attraction.

The water at an inland freediving venue is calm, with no currents, pollution or silt, meaning that the water is generally much clearer when we conduct our freediving courses. In addition, Vobster has a colony of zebra mussels which continually filter the water.

The benefits of doing an inland freediving course are that there are no sharks! All jokes aside, the conditions are so much better, the water is just so clear, something you won’t find around the coast of the UK.  Catherine Chalker

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Benefits of Inland Freediving Courses #5 – Marine life, other underwater attractions plus opportunities to experiment with more equipment and kit.

Purpose built inland freediving centres such as Vobster are carefully managed and stocked with a wide variety of thriving local marine life, which you will be guaranteed to see during your dives. Vobster is also an ARC site for the endangered white claw crayfish, although they are pretty elusive if you want to try and find one!

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However, in addition to this, there are a number of fantastic underwater attractions including a submerged plane in three parts, Sea King helicopter, car, caravan, boats, crushing works and more!

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go freediving - inland freediving - MilanThe benefits of learning to freedive at an inland freediving centre such as Vobster are that it is more convenient, the weather and the tides are not an issue, and there are loads of structures to see. Milan Sluka


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Our inland freediving courses, mean we can have more equipment to hand for you to experiment with. On our course this week students were able to experiment with monofins, dive computers and other equipment.

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Benefits of Inland Freediving Courses #6 – Facilities

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One of the reasons we chose Vobster as our dedicated inland freediving centre for our students was because of the on-site facilities they are able to offer. Not only do they have plenty of parking, they have changing facilities, hot showers, hot and cold food catering, classrooms, shop, equipment hire and sheltered preparation and eating areas.

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The site itself is also beautifully located and suitable for family or friends to spend time relaxing and enjoying the weekend too. Non divers get into the site for free! We believe this provides our students with the most comfortable, convenient learning experience possible.

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Class 22th – 23th June 2019

RAID Freediver Course


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Go freediving - freediving techniques - Vobster


Date: 22 – 23 June 2019

Location: Vobster Inland Dive Centre

Water temperature: 16 degrees

Weather: Sunny, 20 degrees

Visibility: Excellent (15m+)

Instructors: Emma, David, Pash and Tom

Students: Catherine, Rob, Alice, George Martin, Milan 



Want to know what this weekend’s students thought of their course with us? Read on!

I chose to do a freediving course over a scuba diving because it appeared more challenging, given it has a greater reliance on your own fitness and mental resilience. The potential effects of freediving on my personal life also appealed to me, i.e. If I could be a successful freediver I will probably be calmer, fitter and healthier out of the water.

I found that Go Freediving had good reviews and was closer to me than other schools.  Emma had already produced a lot of content online to help make an informed decision.

The course is well structured, the students are thoroughly tested on both the practical and theoretical aspects of freediving, particularly in health and safety.  Pash was my instructor most of the time, she was very patient and expressed genuine encouragement when I progressed with absolutely no pressure.

The instructors were able to adapt to my needs. I have (slightly) different sized feet for example and require different size fins which they were able to accommodate.

For a new student, inland freediving (e.g. at Vobster Quay) does offer the ability to practice in a sheltered environment.  Psychologically it is nice to know there are plenty of experienced people around you and are within easy reach of dry land. The structures and platforms underwater at various depths offers a great means of judging your own performance and progression.

Three benefits for doing this course with Go Freediving are a structured approach, patient staff and access to good training facilities.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to try freediving in a safe, disciplined environment.



There were many things that made me want to do a freediving course. I saw a documentary on freediving and that inspired me to want to explore it. I guess I am interested in the challenge of it but more deeply I am interested in the spiritual experience of it.

I Googled around and I found Go Freediving most easily and it was all straightforward, easy and Go Freediving was quite efficient. Doing the course I have discovered that there are some technical things to get right that make a massive difference and I have also discovered how much the mind plays in the role when I am going down. I find my mind is more worried than it needs to be so I am curious about exploring that. I have also discovered how resourceful the body is to go beyond what we feel is reasonable or feasible.

I have liked the organisation of the course, the efficiency and the good level of instruction. The instructor/student ratio is very reassuring and means that you are constantly getting dives in which is very important. The proactiveness and the amount of practice you get is really great!

The advantages of inland freediving at Vobster is that it is easily accessible, the stillness of the water and the safety and management of Vobster.

The benefits of doing the course with Go Freediving is the great dynamic between the instructors and it is clear that Emma has a standing in the freediving world, and David Mellor is a British Champion! It feels like there is no boundary to what you can do and what is possible. Go Freediving has everything set up so there is no complexity. Any concerns you have are quickly put to rest before the course as Emma is on top of it.

Martin Palethorpe


I think freediving was on my radar recently. I watched some freediving videos, I like learning new things, I like a challenge and I like being in the water.  I googled freediving courses and I found Go Freediving and they seemed to have the biggest profile. From reading the reviews and all the information on the website it looked like they were professional and know what they are doing. So I booked the course.

I have discovered that I think everyone can do it once you know how and you can do more once you get passed the mental barriers that you face. The mental side of it is really important. What I liked is that you can just get stuck in and go down. Getting to go down to the plane and being able to swim around there was really good!

The benefits of inland freediving courses is that you don’t have to worry about any waves, tides or currents and the visibility is amazing which you would not find in the sea in the UK. There are lots of things to see which is cool.

All the instructors at Go Freediving are amazing instructors and freedivers! To have what feels like the top freedivers in the country and being taught by them is an enormous privilege and you feel like you are getting the best training possible. Getting to use the facilities at Vobster is good, the whole thing has just been good.

I would recommend the course to anyone who enjoys swimming or likes been in the water and who loves been underwater.

Alice Gatland


I love swimming, I have been swimming my whole life and if I could grow gills and swim away I probably would so freediving is the closest to this I can get! I found Go Freediving through a google search and they are only 15 minutes away from where I live. I followed their Instagram page for over a year and watched everyone that was learning to freedive and what was going on.

I discovered I can dive to 10m deep! This last week leading up to the course I was quite nervous and was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to remain calm but everything is so nice and chilled here that the minute I got in the water I was fine. I have really loved coming to Vobster and going up and down the lines. I have never done something like this before and I have never swum anywhere near as deep as this before.

The benefits of doing an inland freediving course are that there are no sharks! All jokes aside, the conditions are so much better, the water is just so clear, something you won’t find around the coast of the UK. You don’t have to go out on a boat, you can just jump in the water and it is already nice and deep so you can just get on with it, and when you are done you can jump in a hot shower to get warm again.

I think Go Freediving is very experienced and it is so much more accessible than having to go to Europe to do a course. The whole team is just really lovely and supportive which is why I have enjoyed it as well. I would recommend the course because it is really fun, it is fun to push yourself and it is a really good skill to have when you go on holiday.

Catherine Chalker


go freediving - inland freediving - RobI went snorkeling in Wales and it amazed me that the water was so clear and alive and it was great and I thought I wanted to do more of that. Once I started looking around I saw people freediving with Blue sharks and that was it. Go Freediving seemed to be the best choice to do this course.

I have discovered that it feels lovely when you get down to depth. The course has been really relaxed and friendly with a great bunch of people, it has been really good. The benefits of inland freediving at Vobster are that there are no tides, clear visibility and the weather is good and the water is warm.

Go Freediving is very professional but at the same time they keep it very friendly and I would certainly recommend the course. It was everything I had hoped for.

Rob Godwin


go freediving - inland freediving - MilanI wanted to find out more about freediving techniques and learn how to freedive. I would live in the water if I could! I looked around and found that Go Freediving was the best option.

I have discovered that I can go down deeper than 10 metres and stay down and swim around! It was an amazing feeling when everything worked out, the duck dive and equalising! It is such a great feeling to be underwater without the limits I had say even a week ago! I hope to continue on with freediving.

The benefits of learning to freedive at an inland freediving centre such as Vobster are that it is more convenient, the weather and the tides are not an issue, and there are loads of structures to see.

Learning to freedive with Go Freediving has been super fun and the instructors are awesome. I would definitely recommend this course because it is a great experience and it has opened a new underwater world for me!

Milan Sluka

And you can read more testimonials here!

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