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After doing the RAID Freediver course last year, I wanted to improve on my skills and feel a lot more confident going off in the water and exploring. I know taking a course with Go Freediving is a nice environment to learn in, with good quality training.

Doing the RAID Advanced Freediver course has made me realise how much I need to practice and improve my technique. It is about honing those skills and the course has really highlighted for me a few big points, especially with my finning and bent  knees. So sorting that is what I need to do to optimise my time in the water, to stay down longer, go deeper, just do whatever I want to do.

I’ve liked most just being in the water again, having had so long out of it. Just being in the water and getting the chance to improve on my skills. So we’ve been doing the pool sessions  and the breathing sessions on land, but there’s nothing like getting in and doing the depth work to really improve my streamlining, my orientation in the water, finning, things that I need to progress with.

Three benefits of doing the RAID Advanced Freediver course would be feeling more comfortable with the whole dive environment, honing in on skills that need to be improved on, and feeling more confident.

I would definitely recommend the advanced freediving course to feel more comfortable and to improve. I’ll improve my bottom time and the amount of time I can dive for. Anyone doing this course will improve their efficiency and maximise their time in the water.



I wanted to do the RAID Advanced Freediver course to build up more skills in order to freedive better. I chose Go Freediving because we’re in the club  and we’ve been really enjoying it, and we have been doing online breathing sessions with you as well which has all contributed to us wanting to do this course.

Doing this course I’ve discovered that I want to just freedive! I’ve learnt more about my technique, and more about free falling and being a bit more relaxed going past negative buoyancy, relaxing and just going with it really. That’s made a massive difference actually on the last couple of dives, just going into proper freefall and not finning, then turning around, finning for a bit and then stopping again.

I’ve liked most being able to get back in the water after months out of it. And because we haven’t dived for a bit because of covid, to do it in a supported way has been nice.

Doing the first course, RAID Freediver , it’s most people’s first step into freediving, and it’s not for that long. So to do the advanced course, you’re getting more of a chance to hone your skills and have more enjoyment in the water because you’re better. Our plan originally was to dive a bit more in between courses but because of Covid we haven’t been able to do that. I think that would be ideal, to do the RAID Freediver course, maybe have a few dives in between, and then do the advanced course, and then spend quite a lot of time at that level practicing.

I would recommend the RAID Advanced Freediver course because you are learning so much so quickly in the first course, the advanced course gives you much more of a chance in a small group to reflect on our weaknesses and be able to work on them.



I wanted to do the RAID Advanced Freediver course to build on the skills I learnt last year on the RAID Freediver course. I wanted to learn a bit more of the technical aspects, pick up some new skills, and more about my own body going down to depths of 30 metres. I chose Go Freediving because I had a great experience last time, so why change that formula, and you’re all lovely people, so why not come back and do it again?

From a breathing point of view, after doing the breathing optimisation classes , and taking the advanced course, I realised that I wasn’t breathing and relaxing correctly, and had been doing something slightly different. Now I’m feeling a lot more peaceful. I had my best freedive ever earlier and I’ve done new personal best dives all day, finishing with 30.4 metres which is amazing. So, I’ve been learning new skills, and have a new appreciation of my own body and what it can do.

The thing I’ve liked most about the course has been the additional peace and quiet at Vobster right now. It feels like we have the place to ourselves. And the water here is always perfect, so if you’re going to learn to freedive, this is the best possible place that I’ve been to, so I would always recommend people to come here and then take those skills out to the sea or wherever they’re going to go.

The benefits of doing the advanced course is that you reaffirm the skills you’ve picked up previously and become more confident, knowing that with that extra knowledge, you can continue to progress in a safe way.

I would absolutely recommend the RAID Advanced Freediver course. It takes you further. Once you’ve done the basics, those are skills that become automatic and you don’t need to keep on repeating those. So now it’s about learning more about breathing, about self awareness, perfecting your finning techniques, and then knowing that you can actually go deeper. There’s so much that you have to learn on the initial freediver course, once you’ve practiced that you don’t have to do that again, and it means that you can progress.



Last year I really enjoyed doing the RAID Freediver course, and I wanted to challenge myself and go a bit further. Also, I was supposed to be going to the Maldives this summer, and so doing the RAID Advanced Freediver course was kind of in place of that {due to covid restrictions). I’m still going next year, and I’m hoping I’m going to see a whale shark. I really think that freediving with whale sharks would be absolutely amazing!

Doing the advanced course, I discovered that I can push myself a lot further than I think I can. And it’s more about the psychological side of things, and being able to say ‘okay, I’m in an uncomfortable situation now, but it’s not going to always be like this, and I just need to push through it in order to accomplish my goals’.

I really enjoyed gaining confidence more in myself, rather than confidence in the water, which I have already with my background as a swimmer and scuba instructor. 

The benefits of doing the RAID Advanced Freediver course is that psychological benefit of being able to push through things. I suppose the other thing is, you gain all the other skills beforehand on the RAID Freediver Course, so you can enjoy it a bit more and enjoy the freediving more than when you first learn and everything is just so new. 

I would recommend doing the advanced course with Go Freediving because it’s just so friendly here with you guys, and it’s just so nice to come and be a part of it all as well. I have really, really enjoyed today.



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