Day 3: Volunteering at Turtle Rescue Sanctuary – The Olive Ridley Project

As Pash settled  into a routine of cleaning tanks, taking rescue turtles for sea swims for rehabilitation she explains why some black tip reef sharks were taking a keen interest in the group!


Day 2: Volunteering at Turtle Rescue Sanctuary – The Olive Ridley Project

Pash is settling in quickly at the Olive Ridley Project sanctuary, cleaning, looking after turtles and making ghost net bracelets to sell. Today Pash helped with a seaplane delivery, a turtle with an amputation and a mysterious egg! Oh, and she also started teaching Dr Minnie to freedive!


Day 1: Volunteering at Turtle Rescue Sanctuary – The Olive Ridley Project

Following the amazing rescue of Harry the Hawksbill Turtle during December, Pash (one of our freediving instructors) was awestruck by the Olive Ridley Project and wanted to help. We are so excited to follow her story, as she is helping in the most wonderful way. She was accepted onto their volunteer programme and is currently in the Maldives for two weeks helping the sanctuary! Go Pash!


Rescuing, Treating and Releasing Harry the Hawksbill Turtle

Go Freediving instructors Emma and Pash found and rescued Harry the Hawksbill Turtle when freediving in the Maldives, but that was only the start of his journey to Dr Minnie at the Olive Ridley Project. Next was treatment and release!


Marine Conservation And Freediving

Earlier this year we reached out and asked you to get in touch if you used freediving in the course of your work. In this article we speak to previous Go Freediving student Anna Harrison. Anna told us about her role as a  marine biologist and how she believes learning to freedive will help her marine conservation efforts.