What do you get if you mix the incredible Johanna Nordblad, British director and photographer Ian Derry and the stunning backdrop of a bleak, haunting, frozen lake? You get something a bit special. You get the stunning freediving film Johanna Under The Ice.

In this short video, where no shot is a second too long or too short, and each frame could be a photograph in it’s own right you learn how Johanna discovered freediving and in particular why she gravitated towards ice freediving.

Go freediving film Johanna Under The Ice image 1

Johanna Under The Ice image 1

As you follow her first on land and then into the water she reveals that an accident caused serious injuries to her leg:

 ‘My leg was so badly broken, they thought I might lose it…’  she recalls, as she walks through the deep snow ‘…They had to leave the fracture open for ten days to avoid necrosis.’

Go freediving film Johanna Under The Ice image 2

Johanna Under The Ice image 2


She discloses that cold therapy was used as treatment for her injury, something she embraced completely…and then some. As she continues her journey against the stark background, she continues her story,

There is no place for fear… no place for panic, no place for mistakes. You have to trust yourself completely.
‘When you can do all that, you can enter a different world. With one breath, I’m part of it.’

Go Freediving film Johanna Under The Ice image 3

Johanna Under The Ice image 3

As the freediving film Johanna Under The Ice continues, and you move from land to water, you can sense nothing but calm and tranquility – a testament to soothing music, minimal imagery and peaceful narration from Johanna. Without doubt one of the most beautiful of freediving films – one to savour and watch over and over again.

Go Freediving film Johanna Under The Ice image 5

Johanna Under The Ice image 5

 Prepare to be mesmerised as you watch the beautiful freediving film Johanna Under The Ice, here:

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