Go Freediving – 2017 – The Best Bits!

It’s that time of year again, where we all look back and think where did the 2017 season go? Well hold onto to your monofins as I tell you exactly what we did (And yes, I’m exhausted just thinking about it!).

2017 – The Best Bits: The Courses

We welcomed some amazing students into our fold this year, as they improved their skills, overcame fears, found a new passion and some became certified too on our RAID Freediver Course! We have noticed more than a few have also been well and truly bitten by the freediving bug and I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty more of them in 2018!

Click on the group photos below to watch their videos and see what they thought of the course.

go freediving - freediving in november - 4 - 5 Nov 2017 - group photo

freediving courses in October - Group Photo

local-freediving-course-Group-PhotoWeekend Freediving Courses in September - group photo

Freediving in September group photo3    go freediving - Freediving Courses with RAID - group photo    Best Freediver Courses - group    

As well as our RAID Freediver Course students, we also ran our RAID Master Freediver Course, and were delighted to have some new Masters of the Freediving Universe! Woohoo!

See all the best bits, here:

As well as freediving certification courses, we held our First Aid and CPR course and Monofin Fundamentals Course

Monofin Courses Lois YouTube

monofin courses Tim YouTube

Monofin Courses Adrianna YouTube

monofin courses Stuart YouTube

monofin courses - Ciprian

2017 – The Best Bits:  The Trips

What do you get when you mix the gorgeous Cornish coast, the amazing Heather, a boat and some shark bait mad freedivers? You have not one, but two trips to see basking sharks (unfortunately, just too shy this time) and blue sharks! Plus a wonderful weekend of freediving, Cornish ice-cream and that amazing sea air! It was so good we’ve already Planned the next Blue Shark Trip for 2018!

2017 – The Best Bits:  The Liveaboard Holidays

Oh wow! Yes! The Liveaboard holidays! We couldn’t resist squeezing two amazing holidays in this year! Both in the gorgeous Red Sea.

If you haven’t experienced a liveaboard holiday yet, you really need to! Just take a look at what everyone got up to on our last trip – Prepare to swoon! You have been warned! Check out our holidays for 2018 here


2017 – The Best Bits:  The Club Weekends

Vobster proved to be, yet again, a fantastic location for our club weekends and will continue to be home to Go Freediving for the foreseeable future. It was fantastic to see new and old faces joining us come rain or shine to get those dives in! We had a great mix of experience for buddying and we are proud to see how far everyone has progressed. Club weekends begin again in April and we cannot wait to get back in the water! Big Thanks to Tom Elliott for helping so much with everything!

2017 – The Best Bits:  The Parties

The Christmas Party

The Christmas Party was a total success – as always. Here are just a few of the photos (just in case a few of you can’t remember!)

We start calm at our Christmas parties!

christmas pool

Before things liven up with some fun and games

christmas pool2

Then it all got a bit competitive

christmas pool 3

Before disintegrating completely!

christmas food

All was well again, after some great food….

some games

…some games…

bad santa

… and of course, a visit from Bad Santa!









The Summer Party

Apart from being a bunch of total social animals, we also love doing something good. Every year we choose one or two deserving charities we believe in and raise money for them – simple!

In the past we have raised funds for organisations such as the amazing  RNLI and the equally fantastic Reef Ball Foundation . This year we chose  Plastic Oceans and Room to Read.

As a testament to (or should that be test of) our freediving stamina, our parties are all day events! Starting at an impressive nine o’clock in the morning! Here is what we all got up to:

It all started so well. So calm. So peaceful with the static challenge:

go freediving - freediving party - static challenge

go freediving - freediving party - static challenge2

Before all hell broke loose with the Golf Ball Challenge Carnage and treasure hunt

go freediving - freediving party - golf ball carnage

go freediving - freediving party - golf ball carnage2

go freediving - freediving party - golf ball carnage3

go freediving - freediving party - golf ball carnage4

John Kendall gave everyone a briefing on how to us DPVs at the party – so much fun with these things !!!!!!! Plus we had demonstrations and workshops too! And a fascinating talk from Huw Keir regarding the Blue Abyss project – exciting times!

go freediving - freediving party - John Kendall

And Tom got a makeover from Special guest Peter King (Oscar and BAFTA award winning hair and make-up designer from The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Star Wars – The Last Jedi, Pirates of the Caribbean and much more) who shaved the enormous hipster beard off Tom  for charity… Loved it!!! All proceeds will be going to  Room to Read.

go freediving - freediving party - toms beard shave

2017 – The Best Bits:  The Club Nights

Our  weekly club nights on Wednesday (Poole) and Friday (Bath) have been hugely popular this year. If you haven’t managed to get to one yet, make it your new year promise to yourself – you will love it! We’ve had some new Personal Bests this year, so, more challenges ahead for 2018, then!

2017 – The Best Bits:  The Prizes and Giveaways

2017 has been quite a year for giveaways and prizes, many of which were kindly donated by some of our most favourite suppliers and supporters! Big shout out to:RAID (UK and Malta), Aqualung, Vobster, Scuba Travel, Valeriy Kovalenko, Mark Caney, Blue Abyss, Scuba Diver Mag, Deeper Blue and many more!

go freediving - freediving giveaway - whale fluke glass pendant

whale fluke glass pendant

We have given away the following this year:

  • RAID t-shirt
  • Five Aqualung Sphera masks courtesy of Aqualung
  • Three Vobster memberships
  • £100 vouchers for Scuba Travel holidays x 2
  • Five copies of the STAmina Apnea trainer courtesy of Valeriy
  • Kovalenko
  • Signed copy of Dolphin Way courtesy of author Mark Caney
  • Multiple Blue Abyss exclusive and limited edition prizes
  • Marsellaise weight belt
  • Go Freediving hoodie
  • 5 x Octopus Freediving Noseclips
  • 5 x Breathology by Stig Severinsen
  • 5 x Bob Croft – Father of American Freediving
  • 2 x Bestdivers Spider Mimetic Neoprene Backplate Weight System
  • 15 x copies of the app http://squarecrowdapps.com/stamina/
  • Whale fluke pendant
  • 5 micromasks

Plus all the amazing freebies we give away every year to our amazing Club Members!

David Mellor - Personal Best

2017 – The Best Bits:  The Instructors

2017 couldn’t have been the success it was without a special mention to our amazing instructors Dave, Heather, Giles, Zoe and Jorgen who worked so hard to get each and every student to reach their full potential and rub off a little of their passion for freediving on to them, while still acheiving some personal bests of their own!

2017 – The Best Bits:  You

We know it is our members and students who make our club as successful as it is! In fact, in recognition of this we now post a student of the week on our newsletter every week. If you have a freediving story or photo you would like to share with us, we would love to see it – and we are sure everyone else would too! We are grateful for every bit of feedback and every single review you take the time to provide for us. We cannot wait to see what the 2018 freediving season brings for us all!!

Learn to freedive with Go Freediving in 2018

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Whether you’re a beginner dipping your toes into the world of freediving, a seasoned pro looking to turn professional, or simply a freediver of any level who wants the best freediving holiday in the world, we’re here for you!

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